Abandonment of Contract

After placing your order, you will have its number, which confirms that your order has been accepted for processing.

You can order the services of our company through our website www.movingservice.sk/en/. As soon as we receive payment for the services ordered by you, we will incorporate your request into the implementation status.

You will receive a confirmation message on the business day before the scheduled pick-up date. The report will state that we have ordered a courier service provider in our own name and on your behalf to provide courier services.

The order does not have to be confirmed in very rare cases (eg the location is not accessible, the date falls on a public holiday or another day of rest, …).

Until you receive a notification that we have ordered a courier service to fulfill your orders, you can cancel or modify your order. The amount for the purchase will be refunded according to your chosen method of payment after deducting an administrative fee of 15%.

Any subsequent changes will result in the cancellation of the order without refund.